How to build muscle from home without equipment.
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In this course you will build a comprehensive foundation of the basics of fitness, how to get in shape without using weights and where to start as a beginner who has not maintained a regular fitness routine or knows nothing about fitness and needs help knowing where to start.

This course contains a series of videos and written instruction that will personally take you from zero knowledge of fitness and resistance training to being proficient knowing, how to exercise from home without equipment, what muscles are used in each exercise and how to maintain proper from for each movement and evaluate results.

This course will give you the tools required to achieve fitness goals, big or small. Each exercise is built around a core movement that can be expanded into focused movements that are foundational for building strength, burning fat, leaning out, increasing metabolism and increasing confidence in areas regarding physique, physical fitness and appearance.

This course is built for those desiring to gain knowledge regarding fitness and resistance training but do not know where to start or how to begin. 


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