Go (Golang) - Zero to Hero
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Golang Engineers are one of the highest paid disciplines in the software industry. According to Flexiple, The average annual salary of a Go engineer is $168,128 per year. This is before any stock options or reserved stock units are factored in.  I can attest to these numbers personally.

Hello! I’m Nick Phillips and I’ve been a software engineer for over 19 years. I have developed in Go for over 9 years. I have worked for multiple startup companies that went off to be acquired and I have also worked for Fortune 500 companies.

Golang is being used more and more in many companies. The simplicity of the language and performance are major drivers to its adoption. Large codebases can be read and understood by recent hires to become productive very quickly. I have interviewed, hired, and trained engineers coming from another language.

This course will teach you from the ground up how to code in Golang (Go for short). 

This course is for: 

  1. New developers who have never coded before.
  2. Frontend engineers looking to connect their Javascript framework to Go
  3. Backend engineers coming from another language such as C++, Python, Javascript, Java, and PHP.
  4. Experienced Go developers looking to level up their skills with deep dives into advanced topics.

I will teach you basic concepts of Go such as how to get your environment setup and run some basic programs.   We’ll build upon these concepts and introduce real world practical examples of using Go in a professional environment.

In the intermediate section, I’ll teach you the core components of Go that will make you a highly productive engineer!

In the advanced section, we’ll dive into more complicated uses of Go to really level up your skills by building highly concurrent backend services.

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/golang-zero-to-hero/

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