Fingerstyle Guitar Masterclass | Intermediate to Advanced
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G’day Guys! I’m Dave and If you want to play guitar like Andy McKee, Sungha Jung, Michael Hedges, Justin King, Antoine Dufour and countless other fingerstyle players then this course is for you!

In This Course:

We’re going to break apart several riffs and musical phrases. Each of these will focus on individual or multiple technical concepts that will help you understand the fundamentals behind what makes these other guitarists so good at what they do.

The curriculum is structured specifically around taking you as deep as possible into this playing style. Videos will come with on screen tab to facilitate your learning journey along with pro tab transcriptions.

Extended Techniques We Will Cover

  • Alternate Tunings
  • Slapping & Popping Strings
  • Two Handed Tapping
  • Rasguedo (Triplet Strumming)
  • Cascading Taps with Bass Kicks and Natural Harmonics
  • Slapping Triplet Breakdowns with Body Percussion
  • Tapping Harmonic 6ths with Hammeron/Pulloffs and Body Percussion
  • Tapping Harmonic 6ths with Slaps in Standard Tuning
  • Playing a Percussive Blues Riff with a moving Bass Line
  • Arranging a Hymn with Intricate Chords, A Strong Melody and Beat
  • Exploring Open D Tuning with Combined Percussive Techniques
  • The Ultimate Two Handed Tapping Exercise in Dadgad (Muir Park)
  • More Challenging Dadgad riffs combining multiple percussive techniques

Fingerstyle Guitar Masterclass | Intermediate to Advanced

Learn how to Go from being and Average player to a Great Player! Progress in your skills today!


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