Essential English Grammar Rules
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Are you ready to master the English language? Are you tired of learning the same simple topics and never really getting better at English grammar? This course will fix all those problems.

This course ”  Essential English Grammar Rules For English Language Learners” consists of;

    Verbs and Tenses

1-The Simple Present Tense

2-Am, Is, Are

3-The Present Progressive Tense

4-Have and Has

5-The present Perfect Tense

6-The Simple Past Tense

7-Regular and Irregular Verbs

8-Was and Were

9-The Past Progressive Tense

10-The Future Tense

11-Can and Could

12-May and Might

13-Do, Does and Did

14-Would and Should

More and more rules are uploaded every month

This course addresses all learners and teachers who have a potential desire to acquire easily and professionally all English grammar basic rules starting from the beginning to the advanced level. When you have self confidence that you are aware and can use the grammar rules smoothly in your study or daily life, you will deal with others in English like a native person who speaks fluently and writes accurately.   

With all my experience in teaching English language, I will guide you through the journey of mastering English grammar, speaking, and writing.


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