Enterprise Forensics and Response


The Enterprise Forensics and Response course is designed to provide students with both an investigative construct and techniques that allow them to scale incident response activities in an enterprise environment. The focus of the lecture portion of the course work is understanding the incident investigation process, objective oriented analysis and response, intrusion analysis and an exploration of attacker Tactics and Techniques.

The technical portion of the course will focus on how to conduct incident investigations at enterprise scale using the remote evidence acquisition and analysis tool Velociraptor along with other free and open-source tools. The focus of the technical portion will be on extracting usable Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) related to specific MITRE ATT&CK tactics. For example, students will be instructed on extracting and analyzing evidence related to the Execution TA0002 of malicious code or LOLBAS. From here, they will be tasked with addressing containment and eradication measures.

This course will combine technical elements along with lecture that provides students with both an investigative construct and techniques that allows them to analyze evidence and provide stakeholders with data necessary to limit the damage of modern cyber-attacks.


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