Email Marketing Strategy: Warm Up a Cold List
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Managing an effective email list is critical for successful email marketing. But how do you keep your list active and reengage your subscribers when your list gets stale and cold? Join instructor and email marketing expert Patrick Rauland as he explores practical, proven strategies for “warming up” a cold email list to generate better business outcomes.

Learn how to identify the common signs of a cold list and a cold subscriber using evaluative metrics. Gather insights for creating and launching a reengagement campaign, keeping your list warm and fresh as you grow. Along the way, Patrick shares a few quick, easy-to-use tips for sprucing up your existing list, such as deleting fake emails, setting clear expectations, creating must-open mail, responding personally to your subscribers, and cleaning your list on a regular basis. By the end of this course, you’ll be fully prepared to reignite your list and never let it get cold again.


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