Cybersecurity for Blockchain from Ground Up


Blockchains are being widely adopted across many industries but with the adoption of a new technology, you may face new security challenges.

Vulnerabilities in blockchain applications can lead to millions in losses if the proper cybersecurity practices and mechanisms are not implemented. Now, more than ever, it is important to build secure applications.

In this course, you will understand what the security vulnerabilities of blockchain are and we are will guide you through the best cybersecurity practices for blockchain applications. You will learn the security patterns that will ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability for any blockchain application. You will also get a good understanding of how to architect a blockchain application securely on the cloud.

This course introduces the blockchain cyberthreat landscape and common attacks such as malware, phishing, insider threats, and DDoS. Moving on, you will learn the workings of Blockchain technology, Ethereum, and Hyperledger architecture and how they fit into the cybersecurity ecosystem. We will also learn about data encryption, PKI infrastructure and digital signatures, secure internet protocols, how to create a secure production environment, the ability to make tradeoff decisions regarding blockchain scalability, costs, decentralization, and security.




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