Cyber Deception Demystified


The field of cybersecurity has been evolving rapidly in the last years, the fact that most corporations had to reinvent themselves and move to cyberspace. This generated a much larger attack surface on the internet, allowing a much more successful number of cyber-attacks.

The ability to detect and block an attack is becoming more important to do so promptly. The attacks that cause the most extensive damage, either with data leaks or damage to the corporations, are advanced persistence threads by being able to detect the attacks in the reconnaissance phase or an early stage of intrusion.

This course focuses on cyber deception, an area of cybersecurity that can help us identify potential attacks and divert the interest of attackers from valuable environments using decoys and other strategies.

In this course, you will learn why cyber deception represents a significant security control in cybersecurity. More importantly, you will understand why cyber deception needs a greater understanding of attackers and improved security to deliver.

This course is focused on cyber deception techniques in current and future infrastructures and how they can be implemented.




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