Complete Web Application Offensive Hacking Course:Pro Hacker
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Welcome to the “The Complete Web Application Offensive Hacking Course: Pro Hacker”

In this course, we will provide you comprehensive understanding of the latest web application attacksvulnerability exploitation, and defensive techniques for the web application vulnerabilities and practical skills needed to succeed in the world of Ethical Web applications HackingBug Bounty huntingWeb Penetration Testing.

This course is designed to be highly practical along with detailed theory and lots of hands-on practice to make you more skilled.

We will start by introducing you to the web application hacking processbug bounty hunting methodologies, and various cyber threat intelligence frameworks and security knowledge graphs used in web application ethical hacking, and providing you with a solid foundation for web application vulnerability exploitation that covered later in the course.

As we move deeper, then we’ll dive into hacking and cover critical and common web application vulnerabilities including those that are related to remote code execution(RCE) and start exploitation. You’ll learn everything by example, analyzing and exploiting different web application vulnerabilities such as Cross Site ScriptingSQL Injection, Code Injection, Command Injection, Object Injection, File Injection, Authentication Bypass, Forgery Attacks, Template Injection, Dangerous File Upload vulnerabilities, Insecure Direct Object Injections, Insecure Deserialization….etc., and defend web applications from sophisticated attacks.

Throughout this course, we will use practical approaches and techniques to help you understand the complex vulnerabilities that we are covering. We will show you a practical web application attacks and vulnerabilities exploitation that demonstrates how threat actors attacks organizations in the real world.

By the end of this course, you’ll have deeper understanding about the core concepts and top reasons for critical and common web application vulnerabilities, detection of critical web application vulnerabilities, Hacking / exploitation of web application vulnerabilities and prevention of those vulnerabilities in Ethical hacking, Penetration testing, Red team, SOC operations and be prepared to tackle real world complex and rapidly-evolving world of web application threat actors and attacks.

This course covers concepts of Web application Ethical Hacking, Web application hacking Red Team and Blue Team , Penetration Testing, CEH and CompTIA Security+ web application vulnerabilities and exploitation.


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