Become a Master of Guitar Strumming
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You struggle with strumming patterns and you don’t know how to start to practice at all?

Does it also confuse you to try to read all those complicated written strumming patterns?

In the course “Become a Master of Guitar Strumming” I will guide you step by step through your process learning more patterns and play them without effort.

You start very easy with the basics and you’ll learn time to time to play new patterns and you will be even able to read and understand them.

What this course offers to you and what you will learn:

– Easy step by step guide

– Over 100 strumming patterns

– How to read strumming patterns

– Strumming techniques

– Tricks of professional guitarists

– Over 4 hours of video content

This course is meant to beginner guitarists who knows at least a few chords and advanced guitarists who just want to expand their repertoire of strumming patterns.


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