Azure Active Directory Online Training


This intermediate Azure Active Directory training prepares systems administrators and cloud administrators to maintain the access users need to their applications and data while managing security for applications running both in the cloud and on-premises.

One of a systems administrator’s core responsibilities is keeping data and apps secure while also making sure that users have access to what they’re supposed to have. For years, Active Directory has provided the solution to that technological problem, and most sysadmins know how to use it. Azure Active Directory, despite its name, is a different tool that doesn’t necessarily replace the AD that you and your company are already familiar with.

Azure AD isn’t meant to replace Windows Server Active Directory — Azure AD is meant to manage identity and access capabilities for apps running in both Azure and on-premises. Understanding when to use Azure AD exclusively and when to marry it to your existing AD environment can be confusing — fortunately this training can both clarify it and prepare you for using it.



Our Price: $5.99


Size: 445 MB

This Azure Active Directory training has videos that cover Azure Active Directory topics including:

  • Managing multi-tenant identity and access services in the cloud
  • Maintaining security and access to applications running in Azure and on-prem
  • Authenticating users against the correct directories based on cloud or on-prem
  • Extending an on-prem directory to the cloud and syncing authentication operations