Algebra Basics: Multi-Step Equations/Inequalities
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In this course you will review the needed items to be successful in Algebra 1. Essential Vocabulary, single and multi-step Equations with variables on both sides, Graphing and solving single and multi-step Inequalities, Solving and Graphing Compound inequalities, Solving Literal Equations, and writing and solving equations and inequalities from word problems. The videos are directly used in my classroom each and every day. They are faced directly at the paper which I am writing to reduce distraction for learners who need a more focused lesson.

Students will work their way through each video taking notes to ensure their understanding. Each video will begin with their learning target or what they are expected to know when the video ends, it will then move to worded steps. This will help the student grasp the steps needed to ANY and ALL types of problems around this content, and finally it will move onto examples with different types of problems and how to solve them.

This course is perfect for any student finishing Algebra or getting ready to start algebra as a good course to reduce the summer slide. These skills will help all learning students throughout many areas in their mathematics from Middle school to college.


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