Advanced Ethical Hacking : Mastery AI & ChatGPT -Volume 1
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“Advanced Ethical Hacking : Mastery AI & ChatGPT -Volume 1” is an extensive course that opens the doors to the intriguing intersection of AI, language models like ChatGPT, and ethical hacking. Over the span of seven intensive modules, this course offers a deep dive into the advanced concepts and techniques of ethical hacking that are heightened by AI and ChatGPT.

The course commences with a foundation in ethical hacking and a comprehensive introduction to the integral role of AI and ChatGPT within this domain. You will then gain insights into the advanced AI-powered techniques and tools for ethical hacking, while also gaining an understanding of the benefits and potential challenges of employing AI in ethical hacking.

Modules 3 and 4 delve into advanced reconnaissance techniques. Leveraging the strengths of AI and ChatGPT, these modules covers a range of tactics including traditional and advanced reconnaissance, OSINT, passive and active recon, network scanning, and vulnerability scanning. A highlight is the exploration of metadata extraction and analysis using ChatGPT, a crucial tool in the modern ethical hacking toolkit. Social engineering reconnaissance, and the implementation of ChatGPT for advanced target analysis and deep web/dark web reconnaissance are also covered comprehensively. These modules also shed light on the associated risks and countermeasures.

Module 5 further enhances your skillset with AI-powered scanning and enumeration techniques, This module deepens your expertise in AI techniques for port scanning, vulnerability scanning, network mapping, and service discovery, with the added advantage of machine learning techniques for identifying open ports, services, and vulnerabilities.

Module 6 delves into advanced vulnerability assessment and exploitation with AI and ChatGPT, guiding you through the stages of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and AI-assisted exploitation techniques, and providing an understanding of the inherent risks and effective countermeasures.

In Module 7, the focus shifts to web application and API security. You’ll explore how AI and ChatGPT can enhance security measures, detect vulnerabilities, generate ethical hacking scenarios, and even assist in exploit payload generation. Importantly, you’ll also learn about the associated risks and mitigation techniques.

The course wraps up with Module 8, which focuses on the innovative use of AI and ChatGPT in advanced social engineering and phishing. Hands-on labs will guide you through phishing email generation, text-based impersonation scenarios, and AI-driven social engineering detection techniques, while also addressing the risks involved and the countermeasures to manage them.

This course, ‘Advanced Ethical Hacking : Mastery AI & ChatGPT -Volume 1’ provides a comprehensive exploration of how AI and ChatGPT enhance advanced ethical hacking. However, your learning journey doesn’t stop here. We’re thrilled to announce ‘Advanced Ethical Hacking : Mastery AI & ChatGPT -Volume 2’ is set to launch soon, offering a more in-depth exploration of advanced topics. The second volume will cover ‘Advanced Post Exploitation with AI and ChatGPT’, ‘AI Driven Exploitation Techniques’, ‘Advanced Exploit Development and Customization with AI and ChatGPT’, ‘AI for Reporting and Remediation’, and a glimpse into the ‘Future of AI and ChatGPT in Ethical Hacking’. These upcoming modules represent an exciting opportunity to further extend your knowledge and skills in this rapidly evolving field.

Whether you’re a seasoned ethical hacker or a novice seeking to leverage AI and ChatGPT, this course equips you with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your skills in ethical hacking with the power of AI and ChatGPT. Enroll in ‘Advanced Ethical Hacking : Mastery AI & ChatGPT -Volume 1’ today and secure your future in this exciting field. And remember, we will continuously update the course materials with new topics, labs, and more, ensuring you stay at the forefront of this cutting-edge discipline. Keep an eye out for ‘Volume 2’, coming soon, to continue your learning journey.”


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