ZDResearch – Advanced Web Hacking


This course is tailored for all security researchers, penetration testers and web designers who like to receive in-depth knowledge of web application security from a hacker’s perspective.

This is the flagship web application security course provided by ZDResearch Training. In this course you will go through a multitude of web application security topics, all accompanied by demos and hands-on labs. Topics will cover traditional OWASP Top 10 issues as well as several other cutting-edge topics, such as HTML5 attacks, Source Code Auditing and Analysis, CAPTCHA bypass and many more.

Advanced Web Hacking course is the product of 10+ years of web application vulnerability research performed by ZDResearch hunters. Not only it will go through some of the typical methods and techniques used to attack and exploit (as well as defend) web applications, it will teach you the delicate tricks of the trade in the process. For example, you will learn how to fully exploit a system that only allows SQL injection into the LIMIT BY clause, or how to bypass taint based web application firewalls.


HOMEPAGE – https://exdemy.com/advanced-web-hacking


Original Price: $2000
Our Price: $9.99


Size: 2.50 GB

Target Audience

  • Web Application Penetration Testers
  • Security Researchers
  • Code Auditors
  • Bug Bounty Hunters
  • Web App Auditors