Windows Kernel Defense and Hacking for beginners to experts
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Have you ever imagine to work in a big IT company like Microsoft , Google or Facebook ?  Have you ever want to be a fineness hacker in kernel and learn related knowledge and experience from Microsoft Security Researcher? If the answer is YES, don’t hesitate to take this course, It will guide you from zero to one into the kernel security by easiest way i’d say.

Understanding a low-level knowledge is a big plus for your career growth. Except for security folks, understanding it also enable us to have better ability to debug our high level program, this course will show you how am I explorer and leverage the knowledge of kernel and low level in research and development for production.

With attending this course, you will be enabled to understand what behinds the low level security project scene, how does it works behind the anti-cheat engine in general.

You will understand how to start a driver development in Windows whether as your hobby or career.

You will be able create your customized anti-cheat engine after this course from kernel , virtualization and hardware level.

Practically, after this course, you will know how to write your own kernel drivers for security, debugging the kernel, troubleshooting the Blue Screen, develop a anti-cheat like kernel based security solution, to create a kernel based weapon on your own, also enable you to develop a hypervisor based security solution, to create the hypervisor based security weapon for attack and defense on your own.

This course is teaching technique in general, however, it’s the usable skills to develop or analysis on anti-cheat or rootkit, or game cheat as well.

This is my first time to be a lecturer, Hope you all have a nice journal during this course, and if you have any question during this course, please let me know 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • College Students
  • OS Security professionals
  • Software Security Enthusiast
  • Game Security Research & Engineer
  • Who loves Windows Internal

What you’ll learn

  • Software Hacking and OS security
  • Kernel Security Defense and Attack – Rootkit, OS, Hypervisor and Hardware
  • Understanding Rootkit, OS, Hypervisor and Hardware Internals
  • Create your kernel based monitor
  • Easiest, straight forward and fastest way to get you into the kernel and virtualization security


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