Wifi Hacking Series For Red Teamers & Pentesters
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Wireless Penetration Testing

Pentesting of the wireless systems is easier task than doing that on the wired network. You cannot really apply good physical security measures against a wireless medium, if you are located close enough, you are able to “hear” (or at least your wireless adapter is able to hear) everything, that is flowing over the air. As you have seen so far, there are numerous tools ready and waiting for you to use.

Some Faqs

It Is Important To Buy All This Hardwares Which Your Using In This Course ?

  • The Hardware Are Complete Mandatory Because Our Aim Is To Teach You Every Possible Way To Hack Wifi Networks By Using Different Hardwares.

What Is Raspberry Pi ?

  • Roughly The Same Size As A Credit Card, Raspberry Pi Is An Example Of A Single-board Computer, Which Has All The Basic Hardware Components Of A Computer (processor, Memory, Etc.) And Various Extensions (usb, Hdmi, Video, Sound, Etc)

What Is Wifipineapple ?

  • A Wi-fi Pineapple Is A Wireless Auditing Platform From Hak5 That Allows Network Security Administrators To Conduct Penetration Tests. With Pen Tests, Ethical Hackers Seek Out Security Vulnerabilities That A Threat Actor Could Exploit In The Company’s System, Network Or Infrastructure.

What Is Node Mcu ?

  • Nodemcu Is An Open Source Development Board And Firmware Based In The Widely Used Esp8266 -12e Wifi Module. It Allows You To Program The Esp8266 Wifi Module With The Simple And Powerful Lua Programming Language Or Arduino Ide(no Need To Learn Lua Language For This Course).

Benefits of this Course

  • Use Various Tools Like: Aircrack-Ng, Wifite, Crunch, Cowpatty, Pyrite, Reaver…
  • Complete penetration testing knowledge on WIFI networks
  • Able to hack any WIFI networks
  • Able to perform all this attacks by using android
  • Helpful tools to hack WIFI networks such as WIFI pineapple, raspberry etc…
  • Knowledge of WIFI security, encryption, hardwares which are use to hack wireless networks

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/wifi-hacking-series-for-red-teamers-pentesters/

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