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Welcome to this Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Course! This class is for beginners with no experience in editing videos or using Adobe Premiere Pro who want to learn how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro and for people who want to improve their editing for YouTube videos or other videos as there are lots of great Adobe Premiere Pro video editing tips within this course!

I’m Dylan, a YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers and over 10million views. I am an experienced video editor with over 5 years of using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and create my YouTube videos and today I’m going to be teaching you all about Adobe Premiere Pro and how to use it because I know how scary video editing can seem at first! I take you through everything in a step by step guide which is very easy to follow.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to edit videos 
  • How to use Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to be a good video editor
  • How to colour grade in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to add&use motion graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021
  • How to improve your video editing skills in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to make a good YouTube video in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to use Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and more!
  • How to edit YouTube video 
  • How to become a better YouTuber 
  • Beginner to YouTuber level editing 


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