Unlocking the Secrets to Better Sleep, Health and Well-Being
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Sleep: Causes, Health Tips and Solutions

  • Do you struggle with sleep issues?
  • Do you have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep?
  • Do you experience vivid dreams or nightmares?
  • Do you have insomnia, restless nights, or feel fatigued as a result of poor night sleep?

Don’t worry. We got you covered!

This course will help answer many questions surrounding sleep issues and offer natural and science-based solutions to help improve your sleep and your overall well-being.

The goal of this course is to provide useful and easy-to-apply tips and healing techniques to help you sleep better and achieve ultimate health.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

This course will give you the roadmap to start understanding how sleep works in easy and digestible terms, trace back the root cause of sleep issues and symptoms, and address them at the source using a combination of Chinese medicine techniques and good health hygiene.

We discuss why sleep is important for your health (physical, mental and emotional), the consequences of sleep deprivation, and how sleep affects our daily life.

We take a look at the science of sleep (including the different stages of sleep, the role of hormones in regulating sleep, and the importance of the circadian rhythm) and some of the amazing things that happen to our minds and bodies when we get enough rest.

We will explore the various factors that can disrupt sleep, including medical conditions, lifestyle habits, and psychological factors.

We will cover tips for creating a sleep-friendly environment and how to establish a regular sleep routine that aligns with your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

We look at the various sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome, discuss their causes and symptoms, and offer healing solutions from both Western and Chinese medicine points of views.

In the course we do an extensive coverage of natural remedies to promote relaxation and better sleep, using relaxation techniques, such as acupressure points, qigong movements and breathing techniques, as well as other natural remedies including herbal teas and supplements.

The course also covers the role of nutrition in promoting better sleep, including foods that promote sleep and foods to avoid before bedtime.

We will discuss the connection between physical activity and sleep, including the best time of day to exercise for better sleep and types of exercises that promote sleep, as well as the impact of technology and screens on sleep, and how to minimize it.

We will explore the relationship between sleep and mental health, including how depression, anxiety, and PTSD affect sleep and tips for managing sleep problems related to mental health.

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