Time Management: Remove Time-Wasters and Structure Your Life
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This course is way too far from a random set of time management techniques. It accumulates information about the most common paradoxes of our brain to help you overcome procrastination and deal with the fast pace of this life. I have added some research results, psychological experiments, and basic information about our brain, since it gives a perfect explanation for many unconscious actions that decrease personal productivity.

The course was developed to help you focus on two aspects: doing the right things and doing things right. Step by step, you will identify and eliminate different time-wasters, which helps to find hidden time in your work day. After that, you will be guided on how to prepare a truly working to-do list, avoiding unexpected traps. At the end, you will learn more about the way to restructure your calendar, so you will be able to find some time for productive work and an enjoyable life. Almost every lecture contains a home task to help you to experience evolutionary changes instead of revolutionary ones.

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