The Complete Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Course (2022)
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I am going to get you to the point to be an Expert on the Splunk Technology so you are not going to only pass this exam, but also to help you become a subject matter expert in the world of SIEM.

This Course is designed specifically for you, and I have divided it into milestones, each milestone starts with a concept on a specific Splunk topic/functionality  so you can grasp it and then we end the section with a demo lab. At the end of this course, I walk you through a life scenario where we will simulate different use cases from a customer’s prospective and we start building our lab from the design aspect, then we move to the deployment phase and finally we implement those use cases by deploying different apps as well as creation of custom app which are part of the data onboarding process.

The best hands-on labs course for learning Splunk and crack the Splunk enterprise Certified Admin Course, the leader in real-time monitoring, log management, and SIEM (security information and event management).

Your instructor is Saif Al-Shoker, a Splunk Certified core Consultant  and Architect with over 10 years of experience in the security domain, 5 years splunking and hold two master degrees.

Don’t buy poor quality courses! This course is a free high quality that I will take you step by step to successfully deploy Splunk in a distributed architecture design, through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to be a successful Splunk Administrator, please check the content.

Look no further ! This is the most comprehensive full LAB implementation —course that covers the latest versions of Splunk Enterprise

In this class, we will cover everything on the exam blueprint. We will provide you with the tools you need to pass the exam and get certified with Tons of Labs!

Whether you’ve inherited a Splunk environment, are building one from scratch, or are simply curious about Splunk, this course was designed specifically for you!

We’ll cover it all

I remember my first time when I started to learn Splunk, I didn’t know where to start and with all the information out there makes it even harder to grasp, so today I am putting my self in your shoes to help you conquer this complexity .so I have designed this course specially for you

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to get the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certificate
  • Individuals who are looking to have solid theoretical and practical foundation in Splunk
  • Have you been tasked with setting up Splunk but aren’t sure where to start? this course is equipped with many labs taken from real world scenarios!
  • Anyone who has been tasked with deploying a Splunk environment
  • Security professionals
  • SOC Analysts
  • Anyone who is serious about learning Splunk
  • Data Scientists and engineers
  • Anyone who wants to make a lot of money by boosting their resume with Splunk knowledge and experience

What you’ll learn

  • easily pass the Splunk Enterprise 9.x Certified Admin exam!
  • Master all aspects of Splunk configuration via CLI and the Web with practical Labs
  • Set up a working Splunk environment from scratch in a distributed architecture design ( a complete Practical Lab )
  • understand and implement data collection methods with Splunk ( monitoring inputs, scripted inputs, network inputs, HTTP event collector )
  • understand and implement data onboarding with Splunk
  • understand and implement Splunk Forwarding methodology in real life
  • understand and deploy Splunk forwarder management
  • understand Splunk indexing, retention policy and bucket life cycle
  • Explore Splunk apps and the thriving Splunkbase community
  • Users, roles, and authentication
  • How to troubleshoot a Splunk Environment


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    Download link is fixed.

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