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This is the course I wish I had. 

I’ve been scouring Youtube and Udemy for a complete course that can walk beginners through building a Cyber Range, from start to finish, which includes a Windows Active Directory environment, vulnerable web apps and a full featured SIEM such as the ELK Stack.  There is a terrible shortage of high quality teaching in this subject.  So what did I do?  I marshalled my years of expertise and training to build the best resource for building an ethical hacking cyber attack and defense lab!  I hope to see more training like this on Udemy!

This course is a 100% hands-on workshop.  There are no PowerPoint slides.

By the end of the course you will have the confident feeling and satisfaction of knowing EXACTLY how modern attacks take place on corporate networks. 

We cover everything, nothing is left out.  For example here is a sample of the tools and technologies you will use and learn as you progress through the course:

  1. Zeek (Formerly Bro, Industry standard Network Metadata solution)
  2. Suricata (IDS and Network Security Monitoring)
  3. Stenographer (Google’s robust full packet capture solution)
  4. Wireshark (Analyze packets and protocols)
  5. Network Miner (Extract files from packet captures)
  6. Wazuh (Powerful open-source EDR)
  7. Beats (Log shipper for Windows Event logs and more)
  8. OSQuery (Well-known awesome endpoint visibility tool)
  9. Sysmon + Sysmon-Modular (Endpoint visibility on steroids)
  10. Strelka (Automatically detects and analyzes malware and shoots to YARA for analysis)
  11. pfsense (Open-source firewall)
  12. Burp Suite
  13. Nmap
  14. And much much much more…

I am constantly adding to and improving this course it will not get outdated. 

Once you enroll you will be grandfathered into a lifetime of updates.

This course also provides the perfect backdrop to any other ethical hacking courses you take on Udemy because you will have a safe, isolated, realistic environment to hack, detect and block adversary actions.  You will be truly building the ultimate learning resource for ethical hacking!  So what are you doing still reading this?  Jump inside and let’s start building your cyber range!

Who this course is for:

  • New Security Operations Center Analysts (“SOC”) and Insident Responders
  • New and Experienced Network and Web Application Penetration Testers
  • Bug Bounty Hunters who hunt targets on HackerOne and BugCrowd
  • Red Teamers who use Cobalt Strike, Metasploit or PowerShell Empire 3
  • Security Engineers who want to know how to stand up attack and defense infrastructure
  • Information Security Managers and Executives who want hands-on details about how breaches occur (and can be detected and prevented)
  • Anyone who wants a hands-on practical free lab to prepare for the Security+, CEH or OSCP exams (without the stupid 60 day limitations cloud vendors slap you with)


  • You will need a beefy system for this course as we are building a complete cyber attack and defense range on your local machine
  • 250GB of Hard disk Space is recommended although you could probably get by with 200GB
  • 32GB of RAM is recommended, 16GB is probably possible but not ideal.
  • VMWare Workstation Pro
  • A willing heart to learn!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Active Directory Red Teaming, Web Application Hacking, Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty Hunting in a safe, flexible, fully customizable environment on your local system
  • Avoid expensive AWS or Microsoft Azure costs by hosting the entire attack range on your local machine
  • Build confidence for job interviews as you will know EXACTLY how modern attacks and defenses work because you’ll have the ability to replicate and detect almost any attack in your lab
  • How to analyze packet captures with Google Stenographer and Wireshark
  • How to extract malicious files from packet captures with Network Miner
  • How to use pFsense to monitor network traffic
  • How to use Zeek (formerly Bro) to examine network metadata
  • How to use the open source host intrusion detection platform Wazuh to monitor Windows 10 endpoints
  • How to analyze Sysmon logs for evidence of attack
  • How to use Strelka to automatically extract malicious files and scan them against Yara rules
  • How to setup Security Onion 2, Elk, Kibana and Logstash and how to use it to hunt for evil in your network
  • How to use osquery and Fleet to interact with your endpoints, query processes, scheduled tasks and more
  • How to use WinLogBeat to ship Windows Powershell logs, Event Logs and more to your SIEM for analysis


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