SQL for Data Practitioners


This entry-level SQL for Data Practitioners training prepares data practitioners to use SQL to perform advanced queries, build stable databases, and optimize your data lakes and warehouses.

When data is stored away inside massive data warehouses or inside databases just waiting to be put to use, getting it out and into the places where you can use it requires speaking the right language. That language is SQL – Structured Query Language – and when you know how to write it, databases work better, search queries are more useful and data is responsive.


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Our Price: $2.50


Size: 5.32 GB

This SQL for Data Practitioners training covers SQL topics including:

  • Querying and manipulating relational databases
  • Defining connections between data fields and determining how they can be expressed
  • Working with data directly through SQL commands and queries
  • Creating, modifying and repairing databases, data lakes and data warehouses
  • Telling stories and visualizing data