Simpler Trading – Ready Aim Fire Pro System


When a pullback comes and the bottom falls out, many traders risk getting run over because they don’t know what’s happening. That’s because stocks tend to fall about three times faster than they rise. Sometimes bull markets tend to last so long that many traders only know how to “buy the dip”.

The goal of every successful trader should be to make a living in the markets no matter what is happening, right? The key, then, is to ONLY trade when the time is right.

Of course, every trader dreams of pulling in windfall profits. But until now the challenge was knowing when to ‘go big’ and when to get out and avoid ‘head fakes’.

This training is where John shares how David Starr’s R.A.F.® tools help him generate these record-breaking gains. He breaks down how to use the Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro System, how to know when to ‘go big’, and how to take full advantage of what this market has to offer.




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In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

  • How to pinpoint trades when the market’s in “blue sky territory”

  • How to uncover the best setups and ignore volatility “noise”

  • How John extracts 6-figure weekly income in choppy conditions

  • The “must have” tool that lets John time hidden tops and bottoms

  • Why entries are a dime a dozen (and when the money is really made)