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    RedTeamNation – RedTeam Blueprint

    The RedTeam Blueprint is our go to course for anyone ready to get into the field of Red Teaming, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking. We designed this course to be beginner friendly but also a challenge to others with experience. The RedTeam Blueprint is a course with over 30+ hours of content and hands on exercises.

    Upon completion of this course …

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    [Codewithmosh] The Complete Node.js Course

    Want to learn Node.js, but are tired of wordy and slow instructors who talk to you like you’ve never coded before?

    Then I have the perfect course for you. A Node course that’s finally different from the rest.

    A perfect mix of theory and practice with no waffling.

    Learn to build RESTful APIs with Node, Express and MongoDB with confidence.

    Includes best practices that …

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    Facebook & Instagram Hacking course by DedSec

    Course Topic

    1. Hack facebook On Local Networks
    2. Facebook latest Bruteforce Method
    3. Hack Instagram using Fack page
    4. Hack Instagram using Fake followers Technique
    5. Crypter 888RAT Silent Exploit IE


    • Windows Operating System
    • Linux Any Distro
    • 2 GB RAM
    • Core I3-5 Processor
    • 80 GB HD
    • Ultra HD Videos
    • Skill level: Beginner Level




    Original Price: $25
    Our Price: $5
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    Freelance Copywriting Course

    I’ve gone from a complete newbie at copywriting to one of the most respected copywriters and trainers in just 7 years… and this is how I did it.  The Freelancer Course is my exact strategies to getting High-End clients to actively reach out to YOU through social media and simple websites… rather than you chasing them or applying to jobs.

    It’s also …

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    Learn Ethical Hacking By Hacking Real Websites Legally

    If you want to learn ethical hacking the fun and easy way like playing a computer game, then this course is for you. There exists on the Internet several websites which allows people to hack and learn hacking.  These websites typically have different levels from easy to advanced. By hacking each level and gradually levelling up, you will learn hacking.  Traditionally, …

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    Bug Bounty Master Class

    Bug bounty programs are moving from the realm of novelty towards becoming best practice.They provide an opportunity to level the cyber security playing field, strengthening the security of products as well as cultivating a mutually rewarding relationship with the security researcher community. While bug bounty programs have been used for over 20 years, widespread adoption by enterprise organizations has just …

  • Programming , Shop – Flutter for Designers

    Flutter is a relatively new toolkit that makes it easy to build cross-platform apps that look gorgeous and is easy to use. By utilizing a platform’s native components we’ll build an app that can run on both iOS and Android that will look and feel like it was developed natively. Furthermore we’ll see how with one single codebase, Flutter provides …

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    School of Motion – Design Bootcamp

    Design Bootcamp shows you how to put design knowledge into practice through several real-world client jobs. You’ll create style frames and storyboards while watching typography, composition, and color theory lessons in a challenging, social environment.

    Design is hard work, and designing for Motion is even harder. Not only does your work need to look good as a still, but it also …

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    Learn Kali Linux and hack any Android Mobile device

    Most of today Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing courses are focusing on how to compromise computers with Windows and Linux platform while right now most peoples are keeping all their critical data (Emails, Contacts, SMS, Personnel files) on Smart phones and tablet that use different platform like Android and doesn’t have the same layers of security like PC’s and accordingly …