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    The Facebook Ads Mastery

    Facebook Mastery is a world-class, easy to follow Facebook training program from a top-level advertiser. You will learn everything about running successful FB marketing campaigns from A-Z to help you not only get your first few sales, but create consistent sales that you can scale up to create financial freedom for yourself.

    Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Facebook …

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    eLearnSecurity – Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing v2

    Course at a glance

    • Start from iOS and Android architectures basics
    • Exposes Android and iOS vulnerabilities in-depth
    • Covers mobile OSs security mechanisms and implementations
    • Covers Mobile applications reverse engineering
    • In depth mobile applications static and dynamic analysis
    • Practice on real world mobile applications
    • Build your own home lab on mobile application security
    • Provides you the skills necessary to peform Penetration tests of mobile applications
    • Covers: APKTool, …
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    Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Fundamentals


    This course focuses on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tactics and techniques designed to help you improve your investigative game. Students should take this course if they are interested in:

    • Gaining a better understanding of OSINT techniques
    • Improving investigative skillset
    • Improving overall research methodology


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      eLearnSecurity – Web Application Penetration Testing v3

      Course at a glance

      • Start from the very basics, all the way to advanced post-exploitation activities
      • Wide coverage of OWASP’s TOP 10
      • Master Burp Suite
      • In-depth Web application analysis, information gathering and enumeration
      • XSS & SQL Injection
      • Session related vulnerabilities
      • LFI/RFI
      • HTML5 attacks
      • Pentesting Content Management Systems (CMS)
      • Pentesting NoSQL databases and NoSQL-related APIs / NoSQL injections
      • Start from Web …
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      eLearnSecurity – Practical Web Defense

      Course at a glance

      • Close the gap between Web application attack and defense
      • Mitigation advices for multiple platforms and languages
      • The most comprehensive and practical coverage of the OWASP Testing Guide
      • Comprehensively aligned to OWASP methodologies, tools and tests
      • Covers and goes beyond OWASP TOP 10
      • Detailed techniques and methodology to simplify defense of web applications
      • No boring theory: practice oriented curriculum
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      Exploit Development Student

      If you are looking for the most practical way into the exploit development and software security world look no further. The Exploit Development Student Learning Path provides not only the fundamentals of Windows and Linux exploit development but also covers advanced Windows and Linux exploit development techniques, as well as anti-exploit mechanism bypasses.

      Course at a glance

      • Based on techniques professional …
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      [Codewithmosh] The Ultimate Redux Course

      Redux is the most popular state management library for JavaScript apps.

      It’s mostly used with React but it’s also becoming popular in Angular, Ember and Vue communities.

      Despite being a small library with a small footprint, a lot of developers find Redux confusing and complicated. They also complain that Redux introduces a lot of boilerplate in the code and makes trivial things …

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      [PentesterAcademy] Wi-Fi Monitoring for Red-Blue Teams

      This course focuses on the tools, techniques and procedures to monitor 802.11ac/n networks. We will be learning about both USB and Access Point hardware, pros and cons, and scalable architectures. We will be looking at different hardware for monitoring ranging in price from $40 to $350 and above, both USB and Access Point solutions.


      A non-exhaustive list of topics to be …

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      Elearnsecurity – Penetration Testing eXtreme v2

      Course at a glance

      • Obscure ways of exploitation and backdooring
      • Advanced client side exploitation techniques
      • Custom attack vector and payload creation
      • In depth Active Directory Reconnaissance & Enumeration
      • In depth analysis of Active Directory exploitation
      • Stealthy lateral movement and evasion against modern defenses
      • In depth analysis of critical domain infrastructure exploitation
      • In depth details of common misconfigurations and weaknesses
      • Details …