Securing the Cloud: Foundations


In this course, we’ll explore Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a platform. We will take the perspective of a new startup company spinning up infrastructure in AWS for the very first time. We’ll use a scenario-based approach, where you’ll don the persona of a security engineer on your first day at a new startup. This course will demonstrate ideas like secure-by-default and will examine services and patterns for locking down defaults using a combination of open source and platform-native tooling. Finally, attendees will walk away with a practical understanding of various controls, detections, and guardrails.




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In this course, students will learn how to:

  • Perform incident response in AWS
  • Provide technical guidance to teams implementing security controls on AWS
  • Enact user access management models
  • Audit for anti-patterns in cloud security
  • Prevent common types of data breaches on AWS
  • Avoid common mistakes and data breaches
  • Build scalable infrastructure