RFID Programming and Security Master Class
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RFID were first invented by Russian Spy Harry Stockman. Even though Radio Frequency Identification or RFID for short is largely unknown in public it is being currently used by Walmart, McDonald’s, Amazon and even in American Army. There are endless industries in which RFID can play an important part.

So, in this course we are going to see how to program RFID tags. We will start this course by understanding what RFID is? Then will Program RFID Mifare Classic Cards using ACR122u in which we will see what are data blocks? What are value blocks and Sector Trailer? Then will Program the same cards using STM8 microcontroller.

After Learning how to program RFID tags and cards we will see the security of RFID Cards and we will start with offensive security and try to crack RFID tags using Proxmark3 we will see how to crack Mifare cards without knowing the actual key we will also see how to clone Mifare cards on Magic cards then we will see how to make RFID cards fully secure and how to overcome such type of attacks.

At the end we are also going to do real world practical example of RFID tags with correct market standards.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  • Anyone who wants to learn RFID Programming
  • Anyone who wants to learn RFID Security and Vulnerability Testing
  • Anyone who wants to learn Real World RFID Solutions
  • Anyone who wants to learn Correct RFID Industry Standards

What you’ll learn

  • What Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is
  • How to Program RFID Mifare Cards using ACR122u
  • How to Program RFID Mifare Cards using STM8 Microcontroller
  • How to Find Vulnerabilities in RFID using Proxmark3
  • How to Crack RFID Tags using Proxmark3
  • How to Clone RFID Tags using Proxmark3
  • Creating Real World RFID Project

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