Reverse Engineering: Cutter for Beginners
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If you are completely new to Cutter and want to get up and running fast then this course is for you. In this course, we will cover how to use Cutter for Windows and Linux. Cutter is an an advanced, GUI-based, free and open-source reverse-engineering platform designed to take the pain out of radare2. It’s backend is running Rizin, a fork of the radare2 engine. Cutter is created by reverse engineers for reverse engineers. Cutter releases are fully integrated with native Ghidra decompiler.  Not only can Cutter disassemble a binary file, but it can also decompile it to C language. It also has a linear disassembly view, fully featured graph view as well as mini-graph for fast navigation. Cutter also features the ability to reverse debug which other debugger lacks. This feature allows you to not only step forwards, but you can also step backwards!  Cutter also has hexdumps and stack view which allows you to trace stack, register and inspect memory on the fly.  In addition to that, you can also patch the binary, by reversing jumps, modifying instructions and bytes. This course will teach you all of the above and more.

Features of this course:

  1. Designed with beginners in mind.
  2. Simple windows and Linux Crackme’s designed to learn reverse engineering legally
  3. Practical and hands-on
  4. Using free tools only

Suitable for:

  • Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis Students
  • Anyone interested to learn to use Cutter for Reverse Engineering
  • Security researchers


  • Windows PC
  • Basic Assembly and C/C++ language would be helpful but not mandatory
  • Familiarity with basic Linux commands would be useful but not mandatory
  • Everything you need to know is covered in the course

Enroll now and I will see you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested to learn to use Cutter for Reverse Engineering
  • Reverse engineering and malware analysis students
  • Security researchers

What you’ll learn

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Assembly Language
  • Decompiling Binary to C code
  • Register and Memory Analysis
  • Disassembling binary to assembly code
  • Reversing Jumps
  • Using NOPs to disable instructions
  • Windows API
  • C/C++ functions
  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic debugging analysis
  • Setting breakpoints and stepping through code
  • Strings search
  • Graphical view analysis
  • Defining functions from assembly code
  • Solving crackmes
  • Reverse debugging (stepping backwards)
  • Stepping over and analyzing the stack, register and memory hexdumps
  • Patching and replacing jumps with NOPs
  • Patching using xor eax, eax
  • Gui-Crackme: String search method, defining functions and windows API
  • Phishing for passwords and serial keys
  • Renaming variables for static analysis
  • Using the Rizin console and the rax2 command
  • Linux crackme2: Using the Debuggee Console
  • Stepping into function calls
  • and more…


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