Practical Windows PowerShell Scripting, Second Edition


PowerShell can help you automate a variety of tasks from Windows Server management to rich reporting, to building full blown, graphical applications. But learning PowerShell can be intimidating; its not intuitive and alias use can make code difficult to read.

In this video, Microsoft MVP Brien Posey helps you learn PowerShell with minimal effort. He writes code that is easy to follow and easy to read. He takes time to explain and demo each step and talks you through PowerShells quirks.




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Size: 2.07 GB

Learn How To

  •  Decipher PowerShell Syntax
  •  Work with PowerShell Cmdlets
  •  Enhance your PowerShell scripts
  •  Interact with Active Directory
  •  Automate scripts
  •  Create and format reports
  •  Import data into charts
  •  Establish remote sessions
  •  Build your own GUI
  •  Use advanced features such as pipeline chain operators and parallelization