Offensive Bug Bounty - Hunter 2.0
Size: 20.4 GB

“Offensive Bug Bounty – Hunter 2.0” is an advanced course designed for those who have completed the foundational “Offensive Approach to Hunt Bugs.” This sequel expands upon the initial training, diving deep into the complexities of identifying critical vulnerabilities in both web and mobile applications. As participants transition from the first course to this more specialized one, they are positioned to refine their techniques and emerge as adept stealth bug bounty hunters.

Bug bounty hunting involves the identification of security vulnerabilities in websites and applications and responsibly disclosing these findings to the respective company’s security team. This practice is known as ethical hacking because it helps organizations enhance their security measures before malicious attackers can exploit the vulnerabilities. Bug bounty programs, often referred to as responsible disclosure programs, are initiatives set up by companies to encourage individuals to report potential security issues. By participating in these programs, researchers can receive rewards such as monetary bounties, swag, or recognition in the company’s hall-of-fame.

For those with a keen interest in web application security, engaging in bug bounty hunting not only sharpens your skills but also offers the opportunity to gain recognition and earn rewards. This pursuit combines the thrill of discovery with the satisfaction of contributing to the enhancement of internet safety, making it a compelling and potentially lucrative endeavor for skilled cybersecurity enthusiasts.


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