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Quickly understand how OAuth2, OpenID and SAML work as open standards for app security. You’ll never struggle again with these definitions!


You can learn how app security is built into web and mobile applications with these standards in less than an hour without having to code. Trust me, I’ve written the code for so many variations of these standards that I’ve lost count.

Learning how they work can equip you to make the best long-term decisions for your products.


  • Nearly all applications require authentication.
  • Understanding app security is good for job security if you work in a tech team.
  • Companies and cloud providers, including Google, Microsoft and Twitter use OAuth2 to secure their APIs worldwide.
  • Understand the mechanisms behind ‘Continue with Google’ and ‘Login with Facebook’ for your app.
  • Europe and the USA use them for their open banking APIs.

Why this course?

  • Save Time: This course is designed to fast track your understanding of the open standards.
  • Accessible: Done by editing captions, testing colour visibility of slides and using existing learning platforms.
  • Up-To-Date: Technology doesn’t stop evolving and neither does this course. Check back for updates.
  • Expert Knowledge: An instructor with years of involvement in Financial-grade APIs.

Things you’ll learn

By the end of this course, you will have gained these skills:

  • Understand how the main open standards for providing single-sign on
  • Understand the terminology used by cloud providers and open standards for access control
  • Understand ‘Login with Facebook’ and ‘Login with Google’
  • Learn how OAuth2, SAML and OpenID can be compared

Ready to learn?

Then enrol now to start learning, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Recent Updates


Developers should also check out my other course on this topic OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Core: Implementer Best Practices 2020 to learn the details of OAuth and OpenID in-depth and with code examples.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to understand OAuth2, OpenID and SAML
  • Project stakeholders (managers, product owners, testers) that want to understand mobile, web and API authentication
  • Programmers looking for a referesher on OAuth2, OpenID and SAML
  • Anyone in FinTech that needs to understand the technical aspects

What you’ll learn

  • How OAuth2 Works
  • How SAML Works
  • How OpenID Works
  • How These Open Standards Relate
  • Recommendations For Using The Open Standards Practically


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