Network Performance Troubleshooting Masterclass
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This course will show you how to do testing and analysis of network performance, You will also learn how to do root cause analysis for troubleshooting various network performance problems.

  • Learn real-time network layer troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot network latency and throughput
  • Troubleshoot problems with data center connection
  • Learn how to test and analyze network performance   

It is crucial that Network Engineers and DevOps Engineers understand performance concepts. Learn how to analyze latency connection to a web server, packet loss, and bandwidth throughput.

By the end of this course you will have the skills to troubleshoot both on-premises and internet connectivity. This course is based on in-demand skills for network support, architecture, and testing. 

Network Performance Concepts

  • Network Latency
  • Extended Ping
  • Firewall Filtering
  • Protocol Delay
  • Server Processing Delay
  • Packet Loss
  • MTR Troubleshooting Tool
  • Performance Root Cause Analysis
  • Latency Comparison Guide
  • Browser Connection Example
  • Bandwidth vs Throughput
  • NetFlow Bandwidth Utilization
  • Iperf Testing Tool
  • Wireless Performance
  • Cisco IP SLA Testing

TCP Performance Deep Dive

  • TCP Transport Overview
  • Wireshark TCP Layers
  • TCP Persistent Connections
  • TCP Concurrent Connections
  • Slow Start Algorithm
  • TCP Sliding Window
  • Bandwidth Delay Product (BDP)
  • Nagle Algorithm
  • MSS Payload Calculation
  • Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD)
  • Payload Fragmentation
  • Troubleshooting TCP Session
  • TCP Troubleshooting Example


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