Metallurgy: Iron Making With Process Implementer
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Iron and steel are the need of this era and the gone ones. These are one of the most used components in our day to day life. In this course, you will be able to know what exactly the iron is, how is it made, what are the technologies to prepare iron, what all processes are used for manufacturing iron, how is it converted into steel, what all types of alternative iron making & steel making techniques are there and what is the story behind the manufacturing of different types of steels. Various aspects and parameters which must be kept in mind during the several iron & steel manufacturing process and other related processes have been clearly administered.

This course is the first installment of Iron & Steel Making Techniques, as the left over part of this course shall be covered in the next course. Most of the portion to make the students aware of the know-hows of these techniques and processes has been tried to get covered and the left over part will be covered in the next course. 

Also, there are sample examples and assignments which have been indulged with a clarity on the discussed concepts. The bifurcation of topics is done on the basis of various chapters included. 


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