Mastering DHCP (SRV 2022 /Routers) (100% LABS) HANDS ON EXP.
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About This Class ( My Entire Course is 100% HANDS ON)

Are You Tired of  Assigning Static IP Addresses To All Your Devices On The Network. Well DHCP Allows You To Centralize The Assignment Of IP Addresses Automatically TO Hosts (A Host is any Device That gets an IP Address) So If your Fridge Has an IP Address its a Host.

Why This Class

This Short Course Will be the same as You worked as a Network Administrator For a Company For at least 2 Years. This Class Will be The same as You were Setting Up The DHCP Server In a Real Environment.

What Will You Gain From This Class

This course will teach you and  enhance your skills in better understating by actually doing it as we were in the same classroom utilizing DHCP On Windows Server 2022.

In This Course you will not just learn you will actually do it yourself as if you were in an actual company and here are the key topics that you will gain from this class.

1) Install and Configure a DHCP Server In Terms Of Creating Scopes (Unicast, Multicast and Super Scopes).

2) Working With Scope Option and Server Options and Understanding The Differences Between Them Including Other assignments such as default gateway,dns,time server and others.

3) What is The Lease Time and How Does It affect The Clients.

4) How To Create a Reservation and Its Purpose.

5) How To Filter Who Can Access The DHCP Server.

6) How To Backup and Restore The DHCP Server.

7) How To setup Fault Tolerance and Performance using at Least 2 DHCP Servers.

8) Install and Configure Active Directory

9) Join Machines To The Domain.

10) What is DNS and How To Setup For Active Directory.

11) Using Cisco Packet Tracer to setup DHCP,DHCP Relay and DHCP Snooping.

Who is This Class For

1) Network /System Administrators.

2) IT Support Techs.

3) Help Desk Analyst.

4) Any One Who wants to get themselves in The IT Field.


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