Malware Forensics v1:Static & Cloud Malware Analysis Mastery
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Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of malware forensics with our expertly crafted course, “Malware Forensics v1:  Static & Cloud Malware Analysis Mastery.” This course is meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex and evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Chapter 1: Foundations of Malware Forensics Dive into the fundamentals with an introduction to Foundations of Malware Forensics and the art of static malware analysis. Gain a solid grounding in the principles that underpin the forensic examination of malicious software.

Chapter 2: The Malware Matrix – Analysis, Intrusion, and Prediction Explore a comprehensive overview of malware’s diverse activities, from forensic analysis to predicting future attacks. Learn to unveil the intricacies of malware infiltration, understand the significance of malware analysis, and master the deep dive approach to dissecting breach pathways.

Chapter 3: Static Malware Analysis – Traditional Tools & Methods Tackle the challenges of static malware analysis using traditional tools and methods. This chapter provides a deep understanding of the tools and techniques necessary for effective analysis, preparing you to decode malware with precision.

Chapter 4: Static Malware Analysis – Toolkits and Techniques for In-Depth Investigation Advance to in-depth investigative techniques with hands-on labs. From binary and hex inspection to the exploration of executable files, you’ll learn to use tools like XXD, YARA, CFF Explorer, and PE Studio to uncover and analyze the hidden aspects of malware.

Chapter 5: Cloud-Based Malware Analysis – Harnessing Online Platforms Step into the realm of cloud-based malware analysis. Experience the power of online malware services with labs focused on VirusTotal and Jotti’s Malware Scan, enhancing your forensic capabilities in the cloud.

Chapter 6: The Frontier of Malware Analysis – Preparing for Advanced Horizons Conclude with a forward-looking perspective, recapping key learnings and examining current and emerging challenges. Prepare for the next steps in your malware analysis journey, with a look ahead to AI-enhanced cybersecurity and an invitation to continue advancing your defense skills.

This course is not just a learning experience but a transformational voyage designed for aspiring and seasoned cybersecurity professionals alike. Join us to unlock the secrets of cyber threats and become a master in static and cloud malware analysis.


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