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Everyone knows that AI and machine learning are the future of penetration testing. Large cybersecurity enterprises talk about hackers automating and smartening their tools; The newspapers report on cybercriminals utilizing voice transfer technology to impersonate CEOs; The media warns us about the implications of DeepFakes in politics and beyond…

This course finally teaches you how to do and defend against all these things.

This course will be teaching you, in a hands-on and practical manner, how to use the Machine Learning to perform penetration testing attacks, and how to perform penetration testing attacks ON Machine Learning systems.

You will learn

  • how to supercharge your vulnerability fuzzing using Machine Learning.
  • how to evade Machine Learning malware classifiers.
  • how to perform adversarial attacks on commercially-available Machine Learning as a Service models.
  • how to bypass CAPTCHAs using Machine Learning.
  • how to create Deepfakes.
  • how to poison, backdoor and steal Machine Learning models.

And you will solidify your slick new skills in fun hands-on assignments.

I wish this course was for everyone but unfortunately it just ain’t so. You should enroll only if you are really passionate about computer security and want to be the best at what you do. This course will challenge you and introduce you to new ideas. It will offer you fun hands-on assignments that will require you to bypass CAPTCHA challenges, get your hands dirty and modify malware, fuzz a secretly-vulnerable program, trick a commercially-available machine learning as a service and create a realistic fake video. If this sounds exciting for you, then click the enroll button to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. I’m not confident about my (python/cybersecurity/ML) skills.

We make it really easy to follow along (line-by-line, concept-by-concept) and believe you will learn a ton by enrolling in the course.

Here’s what one of our past students had to say:

“I found Emmanuel to be a likable easy to follow along with instructor…”

“I recently took Cybersecurity Data Science by Emmanuel Tsukerman. This was the first course I have ever seen to combine 2 of my passions (cyber security and data science). This was also my first exposure to Emmanuel. For whatever reason there is a clear scarcity of content on this topic. This is strange because cybersecurity produces so much data.

I really enjoyed the content, it was enough to give you a good overview of the topics he covers. I especially appreciate him teaching how to create a lab. Although I already had an idea how to do this it was great to see how an actual pro does it.

Overall it is a classic Udemy course: short and touching on a little bit of a lot topics just to give you a taste. I found Emmanuel to be a likable easy to follow along with instructor who has some good choice in music. I would definitely purchase another course that he teaches and I hope he will put out more CyberSecurity data content. The world is lacking in it and he is an expert. Thanks for reading!”

-Leon R., cybersecurity data scientist, BNY Mellon

If you find the course too challenging, we offer a 100% get-all-your-money-back guarantee within 30 days.

2. Where can I turn for help if I am stuck on some question/bug/concept?

Getting stuck on a challenge happens to all of us. If you have a question about the course, we provide you with a Q&A platform, where you can get your questions answered by the instructor or a classmate.

Here is what one of our former students had to say about our courses:

“This course is well suited for both beginners and experienced individuals who wish to explore this area of application.”

– Olatunji O., Security Architect, IBRD

In case you find the course too challenging, we offer a 100% get-all-your-money-back guarantee within 30 days.

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Who this course is for:

  • Cybersecurity professionals and hobbyists looking to learn the next-generation of attack techniques
  • Data Scientists interested in learning use-cases of machine learning in cybersecurity


  • Familiarity with Python
  • You will get more out of the course if you are familiar with blue team machine learning tactics (covered in Cybersecurity Data Science)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to make your fuzzing intelligent using AI
  • Learn how to evade machine learning malware classifiers
  • Learn how to perform adversarial attacks on machine learning
  • Learn how to break CAPTCHAs using machine learning
  • Learn how to create Deepfakes
  • Learn how to backdoor, poison and steal ML models


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thanks you so much sir for giving the course.

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