Linux Binary Analysis for Ethical Hackers and Pentesters
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If you want to build a career in Ethical Hacking and cyber security you should have the basic understanding of the file(ELF) and system (OS) internal working. If you want to learn about reverse engineering,malware workings and system internal working with the malwares then this course is for you. In this course you will learn the essential parts of Binary (ELF) analysis in Linux (UNIX) Operating System. We will start from the ground level and goes indepth inside the Binary (ELF) in Linux System. After finishing this course you will have a good understanding of the Binary files of how a Binary (ELF) works in Operating system. You will gain confidence and you will be ready to understand the basics of Malware workings.

Learning about Binary files is a complex task and needs a lot of time to spend on the internet and books, whatever i have learned from my experience I have shared into this course of Linux Binary Analysis for Ethical Hackers and pentesters.

Binary analysis is the process of identifying an ELF and analyzing its behavior. A Binary analysis may use a variety of tools and techniques to identify malware. These may include static analysis, dynamic analysis, behavioral analysis, network traffic analysis, and forensic analysis.

Who this course is for:

  • Are you curious about how hackers inject malicius code inside the executable files and how they create malicious program to work for them. How hackers infect the executables with malwares, if your answer is yes then this course is for you. So in this tutorial I will show you the basic backbone of a Binary file structure and its internal working with the OS. At then end of the tutorial you feel the basic understanding of the Binary files working and structures and how to manipulate them according to your need.

What you’ll learn

  • This tutorial will teach students the inner working of Binary files ( ELF formats ) and methods used by malware analysts for malware analysis
  • In this tutorial you will learn about Basics of ELF in Linux UNIX environment. You will learn in depth coverage of binary compilation process of Linux ELF.
  • You will learn file injection techniques in ELF in Linux OS. You will learn how to do dynamic and static ELF file analysis in linux OS
  • After taking this course you will feel very confident in the area of malware analysis in linux environment


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