JWT Jiu-Jitsu


For any modern web application, authentication and authorization are key components of the security posture. In recent years, JSON Web Token (JWT) has become one of the leading technology standards used to secure and protect web apps of all kinds. Loved by many but hated by cryptographers, JWT is used extensively in OAuth, OIDC, Kubernetes, and other distributed web services and microservices.

In this course, we’ll be learning about JSON Web Token with a focus on attacking vulnerable JWT implementations and looking at defense strategies. We start with an introduction to JWT and why we need it. We’ll also explore the essentials of JWTs with cryptography.

Most of our time will be spent taking a deep-dive into attacking JWTs. This includes JWT algorithm confusion, authentication bypass, mutable claims attack, and HMAC brute force attacks, among others. Every single one of our lessons will be taught with the help of lab exercises to give you a hands-on look at real-world methods used to attack JSON Web Tokens.


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