iOS & Android Bug Bounty Hunting with BURP SUITE 2023 v2.0
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Burpsuite for BugBounty Hunting: Learn about iOS, Android lab setup, macros, extensions, tips, and techniques.

In this course, students are introduced to the security concepts related to iOS apps created in Swift and Objective-C. Intermediate-level principles are presented at the beginning of this intermediate-level course. This course covers a wide range of topics, including the structure of iOS applications, reversing iOS apps, and getting beyond client-side limitations like SSL pinning and jailbreak detection. It also demonstrates how iOS app vulnerabilities may be found and used against them. This course shows you how to spot several iOS app flaws including SQL Injection, Weak Jailbreak Detection, Insecure End-to-End Encryption, Insecure Data Storage, and others.

In this course, you will learn how to set up an Android lab using Burpsuite, hack Android apps, and learn how to intercept app traffic to identify security holes. way to check an app’s functionality. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to the FRIDA and Objection frameworks so you can learn about SSL unpinning, injecting Javascript code into active applications, and the most well-known Android vulnerabilities.

You will learn the following in this course

Setting up a lab for iOS app testing

Setting up a lab for Android app testing

How to Start hacking on iOS Platform

iOS Emulators and Corellium

Jailbreaking and SSL Pinning

How to find Vulnerabilities in Android Apps

Utilizing Various Android Emulators

Frida and Objection

testing for iOS and Android’s OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

iOS Apps Static and Dynamic Testing

Using Top Burp Extensions

Using Burp Macros

Creating Custom Burp Macros

Finding Frequently occurring Android and iOS application security issues

Protecting against various forms of vulnerabilities

This will be a Dynamic Course, So If you find something listed here missing in the course then we will add it soon. You can suggest subjects and provide feedback on how to improve particular sections; we’ll reward you for doing so and it’ll help to make the course more interesting.

Who this course is for
BugBounty hunters
IT Students
BurpSuite Students
iOS Testers
Android Hacking Students

What you’ll learn
How to Setup iOS lab for hacking & Bug Bounty with BurpSuite
How to Setup Android lab for hacking & Bug Bounty with BurpSuite
How to Use Top BurpSuite Extensions
Tips and Tricks related to BurpSuite
BurpSuite Macros
Custom Macros for BurpSuite
Session Handling rules
Practical Hacking with BurpSuite
iOS Top Attacks
iOS Hacking on Corellium
Android Emulator solutions


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