How to create a CTF server
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I am a university student and I had an assignment on creating a CTF in TryHackMe. As I went along with my colleagues, I got to know that they had no idea about building a CTF, or what is a CTF. Most of them had zero knowledge of Linux either. My friends and I searched for the content all over and got nothing. Before going through the course, I like to remind you that building a CTF is pretty easy if you know what you are doing.

So I created this course for students who are beginners in IT and know nothing about building a CTF plus for those interested in creating a CTF room for fun or as an assignment of the University. Students of this course will get knowledge on

  • Configuring ports
  • Error handling
  • Using CMSs in a server
  • Managing databases by adding a user and granting the user the permissions
  • Patching CMSs
  • Escalation methods
  • Configuring the server to keep a hole for the user to gain root access
  • An intro on TryHackMe Lastly,  some methods of gaining things resources for free will be taught.

It’s better if you know the very basic commands on Linux before attending the course just to understand what I am doing, but even then I will be explaining each command while I am going through the lectures.

Hope you will stay with me till the end. Thank you and good luck with the project.


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