Front end web development in Rust
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WebAssembly is a binary instruction format that most browsers support. It enables languages such as Rust, C, C++ Go, etc., to be compiled and run in a web browser.

The Rust programming language is the most frequently used language for developing WebAssembly applications, according to surveys.

And how could it not? It was voted as StackOverflow’s most loved programming language, seven years in a row, thus everyone is looking for an excuse to run it even inside browsers, where Javascript is the usually the common approach.

You have already spent a good amount of time developing web applications and you have a very good understanding of Rust.

You are wondering whether you can develop your next UI in Rust and ship it to browser via WASM.

You are looking for a resource that has all you need in a single place.

Well, look no further! In this course i will show you how to create a complex web app in Rust that consumes JSON APIs.

We will use the Yew web framework along with wasm crates  to build a UI with

– Authentication

– Several different routes and pages

– Forms for CRUD support

– State management, custom hooks and reducers

– Async requests via browser’s fetch API


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