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In this course we will learn hacking using Go language.  Go is an open source programming language created by Google. As one of the fastest growing languages in terms of popularity, its a great time to pick up the language and start using it.

First we start with learning about why we should use go language and what are its advantages. Then we will start diving into what hacking is and what are different types of hacking. We will learn how to keep ourselves secure over LAN by developing a program for changing MAC address. Then we will create a Network Scanner that will help us in scanning devices over our local network and finding out their IP and MAC addresses. During our course, we will explore a lot of aspects of hacking using go language in detail and use important packages for Hacking purposes.

In the later part of our course, we will start developing programs that will help us in hacking. Firstly we will perform a man in the middle attack using ARP spoofing and then we will intercept traffic between users. Then we will create our own backdoor malware that will give us complete control over the victim machine using a power-shell , i.e you will be able to run commands on the remote PC. We will also develop a functionality to steal user files from his machine using our backdoor.

Who this course is for:

  • Go language programmers who want to learn hacking
  • people who want to learn fundamentals of hacking


  • Basics of go language
  • A working PC

What you’ll learn

  • What is Hacking
  • How to Use go language for Hacking
  • How to Change MAC address using golang
  • How to create a TCP network Scanner
  • How to Perform Man in the Middle attack using golang
  • Perform Packet capturing and interception
  • Create your own malware
  • Running Commands remotely on victim
  • Navigating File system on victim machine
  • Stealing Files and Folders from victim machine
  • Uploading Viruses on victim Machine
  • Creating your own keylogger
  • How to Package your malware into a trojan


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