English tenses: How to master them with animations!
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You are talking to someone in English, but you’re unsure of which one to use: I live or I have lived?

You are talking to an English native speaker and wondering why he or she used a tense in a specific context?

You are watching a movie but you don’t know why a character uses this tense instead of that tense?

You are writing a letter in English and are wondering which tenses should be used to make the background for a story?

You love English and want to use English fluently with confidence?

If so… this course is for you.

Cheese, the chubby instructor cat of this course, will walk you through 8 sections about 8 common tenses in English, along with funny and interesting animated examples and cute illustrations.  You will experience no more boring videos with too many words shown on the screen. You will find how interesting each video can be with cute examples and funny conversations between two animated charaters. You will ultimately learn how to read, write and form perfect English sentences, without worrying about using the wrong tenses. And finally, you’ll master all of these English tenses with confidence and fluency. Don’t leave Cheese the instructor waiting, join now!

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/english-tenses-how-to-master-them-with-movies/

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