EIGRP Configuration Online Training


This intermediate EIGRP Configuration training prepares network administrators to configure and manage the routers on an autonomous system running EIGRP to maximize the speed and efficiency of the network.

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, or EIGRP, started its life as a proprietary protocol of Cisco’s. In 2013, EIGRP’s functionality got converted to an open standard and it’s now supported by most network hardware vendors. The EIGRP is a powerful, advanced protocol that can be used to automate the routing decisions for a network and guarantee that traffic is always sent by the most efficient route.

This EIGRP Configuration training will familiarize a network administrator with how to configure routers so that they use EIGRP and how to monitor it on a network to ensure the network’s traffic is optimized.

For anyone who manages their EIGRP training, this Cisco training can be used to onboard new network administrators, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.

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Size: 1.58 GB

This EIGRP Configuration training covers EIGRP topics including:

  • Enabling EIGRP on routers through the command line
  • Instructing routers via EIGRP to advertise their position
  • Speeding network traffic and reducing latency with EIGRP
  • Configuring EIGRP on autonomous systems