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Availability of the application or a service is one of the most critical factor of the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability) triad, and the attackers ultimate intent is to wipe the “A” factor out of the equation.

Step in to the world of Denial of Service attacks and its variants covered on this intensive course with Classroom style teaching and Real-World attack simulation clubbed alongside defense techniques using the Hands-on approach.

  • Straight to the point sessions.
  • Your time is precious – No unnecessary videos on setting up, downloading and installing applications to waste your time and patience. There are lot of courses that teach you setting up things.
  • Classroom concepts are practically demonstrated that helps you never forget the subjects.
  • “Attack & Defend” techniques are taught in depth, suitable for both RED & BLUE teams.

Dive deeper into the concepts of understanding botnets, how to develop and code, weaponize and execute them in a closed environment to attack the targets.

  • Feel free to fork and contribute to this project as this is built for you and to the open source community.

Familiarize with all the variants of DoS, DDoS, DRDoS & BotNets.

Take the engaging 50 questions trivia to challenge yourself the concepts grasped from this course.

By the end of this course, you will be having an enriched idea about what these attacks are, how are these executed and finally how to defend from them.

Happy DDoSing!

Who this course is for:

  • Red Teams (Offensive) & Blue Teams (Defensive) of Cyber and Network Security.
  • Network Engineers, DDoS Engineers & Network Security Teams.
  • Anybody looking forward to kickstart their career into Cyber and Network Security.
  • Curious learners and aspirants interested to understand and delve deeper into the world of Cyber and Network attacks.

What you’ll learn

  • Code a Botnet from scratch and learn to execute DDoS attacks in a controlled environment.
  • Theoretically and practically discern about the variants of denial of service attacks and learn how to attack and defend from them.
  • Completely understand the concepts of DoS, DDoS, DRDoS & BotNets with a Classroom style and Hands-On approach.
  • Engage the challenging 50 questions trivia from the concepts learnt throughout this course.


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