Digital Marketing Analytics Beyond Advertising


Many people in marketing went into the profession as a refuge from math, but in recent years, the math has found them. Fear not: You don’t need to be a math whiz to master marketing analytics; you just need to be willing to make decisions based on numbers. And marketing analytics is getting simpler. The high-stakes, confusing game of advertising is actually becoming less important in many industries: maybe you don’t need to know much about advertising analytics.

Digital Marketing Analytics Beyond Advertising LiveLessons will help you, the marketer, understand marketing analytics beyond advertising. As privacy regulations, cookie restrictions, and other changes make advertising less effective, other marketing analytics become more important. You will learn how to reason about numbers, what questions you should ask analytics experts, and what to do with those numbers to succeed. Don’t believe whoever told you that math was not your thing–if you understand marketing, you can understand marketing analytics and make the numbers work for you.




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Learn How To
* Understand marketing analytics beyond advertising
* Make informed marketing decisions based on reliable data
* Develop a process for implementing marketing analytics in your projects