Digital Landscapes Photoshop Video Training


Redoaune Naouri presents: Digital Landscapes – an A-to-Z guide where you will learn how to create epic fantasy environments in Photoshop…

In this course you’ll discover the advanced compositing / processing techniques for creating sweeping landscapes, depth of field, atmospheric effects, and beautiful colours.

With stunning environments, you’re GUARANTEED to take your Photoshop composites to the next level!!




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Our Price: $5.99


Size: 12.2 GB

• Creative Compositing: The pro methods for ‘cutting out’ (masking) multiple elements, to create new scenes.

• Colour Processing: Unifying / adding drama with non-destructive Colour Grading & Processing techniques.

• ‘Painting with Light’: Enhancing realism with manually painted ‘light-spills’ and scenic effects.

• Depth of Field: Creating the illusion of depth and distance with contrast, colour, and atmospheric effects.

• Composition: Creating a sense a sense of unity, harmony, and balance in your scene with the positioning / scale of elements.

+ Layer Blend Modes, Curves, Color Balance, and more!