CTF 101: Competitive Learning in Cybersecurity
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The cybersecurity industry is one of the most rapidly-changing today, and practitioners needs to be able to keep up. Learning new skills and techniques is vital to staying up-to-date with trends that can make the difference between advancement in your career, or possibly missing out. Thousands of hackers around the globe have discovered the power of gamifying their learning experience by taking part in cyber competitions. They are constantly sharpening their skills against each other in a test of wits that often also has a positive effect on their work performance as well. However, for beginners, it may seem difficult to learn how to actually get started in the realm of cyber competitions.

CTF 101 will hopefully provide learners of all skill levels with the skills and information they need to enjoy competing in, and winning, cyber competitions. Cybersecurity expert and US Cyber Team CTF Coach Jacob Elliott will lead you through lessons in common Capture-The-Flag categories and explain challenges that you may encounter along the way. Content will be added regularly with new example challenges and walkthroughs that you can follow along with to apply the skills that you learn in the course.

For learners interested in pursuing a career in Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing, CTF 101 can be a great way to pick up a fun hobby that can reward you not only with prizes, but also valuable skills that you can apply in OSCP, CEH, and other practical hacking exams.

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