Creating Atmosphere In Photoshop


This bundle contains everything you need to start creating epic atmospheric composites – over four hours of in-depth project-based tutorials and more than four hundred compositing tools.

In this course, we will do ten projects that will take you through all of the basics of creating, coloring, and manipulating atmosphere in Photoshop. In addition to the basics of brushing and blending overlays, you will also learn many other Photoshop skills; selections, blurring, color grading, sharpening, and much more.

Imagine you could Take any elements and make them feel that they “belong” in your composites. Take full control of the light and atmosphere in your images and create the cinematic look that is both timeless and always relevant.




Original Price: $57
Our Price: $4.99


Size: 10.7 GB

This bundle is for you if…

  • You want to start making composites but there’s too much info out there.
  • You want to create more depth in your images—whether to emphasize your subject and direct the attention of your audience.
  • You’ve done composites, but they are missing that “magic” element which holds it all together and makes it feel like the various elements belong.