Creating a Shodan Clone for hackers and bug bounty hunters
Size: 4.33 GB

Unlock the advanced techniques of network scanning and broaden your penetration testing capabilities with this comprehensive course. Designed for aspiring ethical hackers and security enthusiasts, this course delves deep into the art of efficiently scanning millions of IP addresses and expanding the potential attack surface.

The scanner we will create is much more effective than Shodan/ Censys or any similar search engine, because it can also find many IPs, subdomains, frameworks of small companies. I ain’t playing games here, this is not an average YouTube course or a simple course or a useless hacking certification course. This is a whole hacking massacre.

Mastering Network Scanning Techniques: Learn the ins and outs of various network scanning methodologies, including port scanning, host discovery, to gain a comprehensive view of your target network.

Efficient IP Address Enumeration: Acquire the skills to efficiently enumerate large sets of IP addresses, identifying potential entry points for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

Service Identification and Versioning: Hone your skills in identifying running services and their versions, enabling you to pinpoint specific vulnerabilities and potential avenues for exploitation.


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